FAB.com Sale-2

Sale-2 on Fab.com is now live and viewable HERE. I put together this little facebook/twitter "campaign" promoting some of the products included in the sale. Get them while they are available - the sale runs through this Friday, January 27th at 9:59am.

You can also find a smaller selection of my jewelry in Fab.com's Design Your Valentine Pop-Up Shop HERE -- this shop is open til February 12th .... it's never been so easy to find a good Valentine's Day gift!


1 more day to be FAB(.com)_ulous!

What a weekend! My sale on Fab.com started promptly at 10am on Saturday the 22nd .. right about the time I was shivering under a blanket with a pounding headache and an ever aching sore throat. This was not the way I had envisioned experiencing such an exciting event in my little jewelry-making existence. Luckily, my sickness didn't/doesn't prevent the sale from going on! We are entering the last day of the sale -- you have until 10am Tuesday morning to make your last purchases. If you haven't joined the (free) site yet, use this link as your invitation: http://fab.com/yl77hd


already pretty - silvercocoon giveaway

A dear friend of mine from highschool introduced me to his friend and local blogger Sally McGraw of Already Pretty. Turns out she's kind of my neighbor and I love her blog ... and everything that its title suggests and stands for. I am honored to be partnering with Sally to do a give away of what I consider my best everyday earring - the medium POD earring. I often tell people that one could have a pair in several colors because you'll want to wear them everyday - I speak from experience -- so we're giving away 3 (yes, three) pairs of POD earrings to 1 lucky winner (yes, you get all three pairs!) Just hop on over to Sally's blog, follow her instructions for entering ... and take some time to explore her blog - it's full of great stuff!


Katharine and Garnet's Wedding

I had been waiting months to share more about the Hall/Kindervater Wedding since giving you a sneek peak at the wedding invitations back in early May. The wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty (the premier wedding blog) back in August and honestly my life has been so unbelievably overwhelming (being a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom) with one thing after another, that I never even made it here to share the excitement of it all. With somethings it is better late than never -- so here is a link to the Style Me Pretty post that my dear friend and the photographer who shot the wedding, Anne Ingman, worked so hard on coordinating.

(And because my baby just woke from his nap, I will share Anne's amazing photos, of the wedding and my work, another time.)


PREVIEW: photoshoot

Last year, when I decided to offer my collection in oxidized sterling silver and sandblasted acrylic - I more than doubled the depth of my collection -- creating the need for photographs of the designs in these new finishes. I enlisted my good friend, Anne Ingman of INGMAN PHOTOGRAPHY, to photograph my first round of new finishes AND new work. Here is a preview ... with more to come.


McAllister Addition & Outdoor Masterplan

We met Pete and Beth McAllister almost 7 years ago when our house was on the Minneapolis/St.Paul Home Tour. They later hired us to design their basement renovation in 2005. Beth was with us as my doula during the birth of my first son, and we then worked with them again to design their dining room addition and a master plan for their backyard. Souliyahn recently (and finally) went over to photograph the addition and outdoor project. The grasses have grown-in so beautifully and everything looks fantastic! Next step: photograph the basement!

Building Contractor: Sahlstrom Construction
Landscape Contractor: Avocado Green


Apartment Therapy

Speaking of my photographer friends Anne and Jake, their house was featured on Apartment Therapy yesterday.....along with one of my original pastel pieces (in their bathroom) -- Thanks for the shout-out in the list of credits, Anne! Your house looks so great!

Wedding Design: part 2

So, the wedding that I spent all spring working on went off without a hitch. Everything turned out soo beautifully and was captured with unbelievable delicacy and attention to detail by my friend & wedding photographer, Anne Ingman & her husband Jake of Ingman Photography. I'll be able to share a more in depth collection of the images she took, as well as more commentary about the visual concept and aesthetic approach at a later date, but for now check out her blog post here.



These days, I feel like I am working on such a variety of things - just like I've always dreamed my work-life could be. I am thankful for the myriad of inspiration that comes from working at different scales and materials ... and products. A very dear friend of mine gave birth to her second son the day before Mother's Day. I had designed her some flat thankyou cards years ago when her first son was born and reused that same graphic on these folded thank yous that I brought her on my last visit before the birth. Probably not best to say that I like this folded version better than the original ... so I'll say that they are perfectly of their time. Which reminds me of a quote that was posted in the office of my son's montessori school director: "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." -Omar Khayyam


Walker Jewelry Mart

It was, once again, a wonderful day at the Walker Art Center last Saturday. We were in a new space (the Medtronic Gallery) this time and it worked great. My sister Brit helped during the show -- for the fourth or fifth time -- and I couldn't have done it without her. (thank you, Brit!) Great turn-out, great sales ... my only wish is that I had made more necklaces. These photos were taken at 10:59am and my table looked really picked-over by the end of the day. Not a bad problem to have, I guess. :)