The official WALKER card is out!


I was one of 4 women who presented their work & discussed the topic of COLLABORATION at a panel discussion on Monday evening at the College of Design at the University of Minnesota - sponsored by Women in Architecture. I spent a lot of time thinking about our collaborative process at silvercocoon and tried to illustrate it through the evolution of the design of our modern tree. I also touched on the idea that inspiration can come from working with other people - on other projects. I find this to be true with my jewelry...although inspiration comes from many places - some of which are easier to illustrate. These are a few of the images that I prepared for the talk - and thought I would share them here - as it gives you peak into the ideas spinning around in my head about some of the pieces I've created. (the middle b & w image is of one of my son's car-stacks - i am so enthralled with the way in which he plays!)



as part of the WALKER's membership appreciation weekend, they have trunk-shows in the WALKER SHOP featuring one artist's work on friday, one on saturday and one on sunday. i will be the artist featured on friday this year! i am very excited and honored (and nervous) and have been working hard to refine my processes and systems in order to produce the best product possible and enough of it to feel prepared for anything. it's hard to know what to expect...which makes it all the more interesting!


you can see both the shiny and matte version of the red in the above image of the CIRCLES necklaces. i love the *punch* that the shiny version has, but the matte has certain velvety-quality in person that makes me think i should offer both versions.