1 more day to be FAB(.com)_ulous!

What a weekend! My sale on Fab.com started promptly at 10am on Saturday the 22nd .. right about the time I was shivering under a blanket with a pounding headache and an ever aching sore throat. This was not the way I had envisioned experiencing such an exciting event in my little jewelry-making existence. Luckily, my sickness didn't/doesn't prevent the sale from going on! We are entering the last day of the sale -- you have until 10am Tuesday morning to make your last purchases. If you haven't joined the (free) site yet, use this link as your invitation: http://fab.com/yl77hd


already pretty - silvercocoon giveaway

A dear friend of mine from highschool introduced me to his friend and local blogger Sally McGraw of Already Pretty. Turns out she's kind of my neighbor and I love her blog ... and everything that its title suggests and stands for. I am honored to be partnering with Sally to do a give away of what I consider my best everyday earring - the medium POD earring. I often tell people that one could have a pair in several colors because you'll want to wear them everyday - I speak from experience -- so we're giving away 3 (yes, three) pairs of POD earrings to 1 lucky winner (yes, you get all three pairs!) Just hop on over to Sally's blog, follow her instructions for entering ... and take some time to explore her blog - it's full of great stuff!