i stumbled upon this book/review while searching for something entirely different for an interior design project and was taken by the graphic on the cover. it reminded me immediately of my TOPO bracelet and necklaces. i must admit that i can't tell you much about the book, though. i haven't read it {although is does sound like a nice book indeed} ... but, if i was in a book store, you can bet i would be compelled to pick it up and dig in with a cover like that!



my son was home sick 3 days this week, making it pretty hard to be as productive as i normally would have been. as miserable as he was with his fever, it was nice having him home, too. it meant i got to see more of this face - i can handle that......


making food

our garden is blooming. we've been eating mixed greens for over a month and finally the cherry tomatoes are turning red! this is one of my favorite meals of the summer and i can't help but love the fact that we grow the three main ingredients ourselves!
WHITE {spring} ONION
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
goat cheese
{served over} hot jasmine rice