My work will be "under lights" in the Walker Jewlery Case -- as they have chosen an assortment of my jewelry to keep in the case through the holiday! (possibly through Valentine's Day if things go well.) I am so grateful for their interest and willingness to give me & my jewelry a chance! This is a sampling of what they will have in their case.
In the mean time, I have begun posting jewlery that the Walker is NOT carrying - in our ETSY shop. You will also find our "Trendy Tannenbaum" and some new tree ornaments in our shop.


Wendy said...

Will you be selling your Walker jewelry on etsy? I love the necklace in the middle and the wooden circles!

silvercocoon said...

Yes - just as soon as I make some more. I would be happy to do a special order for you, if you like. feel free to email me directly: tia@silvercocoon.com