dozi! dozi!

a while back, i sent wendy at dozi a little package - for fun. i loved reading her post about receiving the package out of the blue and how excited she was ... well i found my own little loveliness in the mail yesterday -- from wendy!!! she just recently opened her own online shop and i had been admiring this little jotter but was super bummed to see that it had already sold. {i notice she added more to her shop} well, you can imagine my surprise and excitement to find a package with my very own jotter from her in the mail!!! and she didn't stop there! she also sent me these and these. aaah! her packaging and details are right-on, all the way down to the yellow dot on the enclosed note. wow!! picture me jumping around the house, squeeling. {very excited!} thank YOU, wendy, for making my day!


Wendy said...

Yay! It makes me smile just to imagine you jumping around :) Hurray for surprise packages in the mail! And your post title totally made me laugh! You are so very welcome Tia - so glad that I finally got you back ;)

kirsten said...

lucky you!
and it looks like mighty fine treasure, too.
[i love those adorable house images. :) ]

sulu-design said...

Thanks for the Dozi introduction. What lovely things!