FALL FLAIR_tia keobounpheng jewelry

arwyn birch

amanda christine

emily weich

at the end of the show, we (the 6 designers: emily weich, amanda christine, arwyn birch, adrienne grahn, karin jacobson and i) took a "designer walk" down the runway. i had a lot of anxiety leading up to it, but i must admit, it was kind of fun after being in the basement all night!

all photos by DAVE KAPELL


welles said...

Interesting fashion blog!

painted fish studio said...

dang! i'm sorry i missed it. there were so many other events happening saturday and i just couldn't get there. i kinda regret it now... LOVE the new necklaces... please let me know when/where they can be purchased!

Wendy said...

Your pieces look perfect on these models! It must have been exciting seeing your jewelry come to life like this :)