the other side

the past month+ has been one of the most hectic times of my adult life. i am anticipating the utter relief that i am going to feel on monday morning when i bring the last* two submittals {for my dad} to FedEx - my last major deadline before i can focus on getting ready to relax for the holidays.

i took monday off last week to spend the entire day with my son. we made christmas cookies and peered out through the frosty windows at the frigid snowy weather we've been having. it was a good day after having been away from him for 7 days straight. it gave me a glimpse at the light on the other side of this busy spell and the hope of being able to grab the reigns a bit.

perhaps the hardest part of being so busy is that so much of what is happening right now is good and exciting and promising for more good things to come.* it is hard to be a working mother who has to work but who also enjoys what i am doing so much. it is hard to find the right balance, to judge which sacrifices are worth making.... and while lessons are learned with every experience -{ and that ultimately is a worthwhile outcome }- experiences just for lessons' sake can seem frivilous when it takes me away from the 3 year old boy who is growing-up faster and further from my womb by the minute. he took this picture of me this weekend. i love it ... but it also makes me sad .....


kirsten said...

i LOVE his photo, too! [but i understand the sad part]
i know i struggle with these questions and concerns. so hard to find the "correct" balance in work/home/life/fulfillment.
best of luck with that! if you find the secret - please let me know!
merry christmas to you and your family, tia.

Alison said...

Your little boy takes a marvelous photo :)

I have reconciled myself with the notion there is no balance, that we roll and slide and pull and push, and we oscilate, and we come together and we nurture those moments of meeting, however brief or lengthy.

And I rejoice in having wonderful memories of small beautiful moments, like making cookies :)