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slighting ironic that i discovered this article on NORDIC REACH magazine's website the day after OBAMA's inauguration -- because the serendipidous photoshoot took place back in the fall, the day after the OBAMA rally in St.Paul. through a rather strange course of events, i got a call around 10:30am from Ulf, the editor of the magazine, asking if i'd be available for a quick photoshoot at 11:30 that morning. they were making a trip around the midwest looking for people with scandivian roots and my name had been forwarded to him last minute and they had an unexpected 1hour opening -- could i be there? ... SURE! It was great {despite the humidity and the unpleasant effect it had on my hair...} and I had so much fun chatting with Ulf {it was only then, through our conversation, that he made the connection that he had *almost* met my father at an event in michigan - and we marveled at how small the world is} and i have been anxiously waiting to see if i would actually make it to print. {note: i have not officially seen the hard-copy issue...} you can read the story online here. {note: walter mondale is people/170!}


shim + sons said...

What a fantastic write-up! You have a great smile!!

And I didn't know Finnish people love their saunas...so do Koreans! Appah and Big J go all the time!!

silvercocoon said...


the SAUNA {a finnish word}originated in Finland and is a critical component in the everday culture there. it explains why it is carried through in Finnish-American culture too... {i didn't know that Koreans loved their saunas, either!}

meg said...

you look smashing in this photo, miss tia. happy and proud to be finnish american.
well done.

painted fish studio said...

love the photo, and the article is fabulous! yay for tia!