right before christmas, i got a call from my mom telling me that the article in the new WALKER magazine was really nice. i didn't realize it was out and was antsy to see it! due to the mayhem before the holiday, i didn't see it until i got to their house for christmas and i couldn't hold back my smile. what a lovely gift! growing-up on the iron range in northern minnesota, i remember hearing stories about how my dad travelled from the rural farmlands to the big twin cities for the state basketball tournament and how he ditched the games to go to the WALKER Art Center. so as a young child, 'that museum in the big city' was so highly regarded that it nearly gained myth-status. it maintains this status to this day {because it lives up to the myth} and despite the fact that i have been selling there for over 1 year. it is often easy to take advantages of the brilliant resources and assets that exist in the place that you live, kind of like a parent or the people you see everyday. but i continue to pinch myself and be grateful, particularly when my face is in their magazine!

the lovely women with me are alice roche {on my left} and amy torello {on my right}

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painted fish studio said...

awesome! congratulations, the press is well deserved!