trying to stay warm...

we are going on our 4th day of frigid {FRIGID} weather and in minnesota {where people like to talk about the weather anyway} it really is the hot topic of conversation this week. they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger -- that makes us a strong bunch of people! there are so many technically amazing articles of clothing one can buy these days that keep you warm without feeling like the little brother on The Christmas Story. thank goodness for innovation in fabrics! but one proven technique is the basic act of layering. i bought some black washable wool yarn and realized once i got home that it was much thicker than the yarn recommended for socks. but i didn't let that get in the way of my obsession with knitting socks. i made myself these "house booties" that are intended to wear over a normal pair of socks. i work in the basement and despite the fireplace and the carpet tiles, my feet get cold from the concrete floor. these work beautifully!! i am nearly done with a matching pair for my son - for the times that he comes down and works next to me.

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Zaz said...

hello, register on ravelry. there are groups where you do not even have to knit.