This is a picture of my first official purchase order. That means that up to this point I have only consigned my work to local shops. Since I was new to the market, it has been a way for them to test out my work to see which pieces will sell better than others, and it is a way for me to get my work into stores that otherwise might not take a gamble on a "newbie" -- but this order marks a milestone for me = a PURCHASE order.

But it is more than that, too, because if you look at the address label, the box was sent out to the SFMOMA museum store - not just any museum shop, but the Museum of Modern Art's in San Francisco, CA. I even held my breath when I typed that! I am super excited! Now let's hope that San Franciscans will like my work.(cross my fingers)
Another thing you will notice resting in a pile on the box are my new wool HIVE cuff and band bracelets. They come in a variety of wool colors and 3 different sizes (the medium and large should fit men, depending on their size.) Both items are now available in my shop here and here. You specify the color and size you want and I'll ship it out to you! They say it is going to snow in Minneapolis this weekend, so this wool cuff can help keep your wrists warm - well, at least one of them!


Bill Snellman said...

Congrats, Tia! That's fantastic, especially going to SFMOMA.

Hope you and yours are well and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.


e said...

AND, you're a fab writer, as well! Really, eveerything about your business is soooooo impressive, Tia... from the designs to the website, the models, the contacts, the customers, the shows, the blog ~ hearty congratulations to you, Ms. Tia!
- Betsy Heron Snow

Natalie and Josh said...

YES, YES, YES!! More congratulations are in honor. This is wonderful, Tia. I've been waiting to see those cuffs! More terrific than I imagined!!

painted fish studio said...

congratulations, tia! that's so wonderful, and i'm loving the HIVE cuffs. one may end up on my arm eventually!